Sports Mouthguard

Mouthguards are suited for adult or youth athletes needing a lip guard or sport specific mouthpiece. Do not ever let your teeth and gums damage because of doing sports without using sports mouthguard. It is always essential investing a professionally made mouthguard to use while play sport that involves physical contact or moving objects. Including cricket, boxing, hockey, football that can cause broken and damaged teeth. As a protector, a mouthguard will reduce the opportunity these bad news happening. A custom-made mouthguard will be made by our dentist happily. We provide few of types mouth guard that you can choose. However, no matter what kind of mouthguard you choose, it will be resilient, tear-resistant and comfortable. We also strive to make it fit properly and not restrict your speech or breathing. There are three types of mouthguard that provided, including Custom-made mouth guards, Boil and bite mouth guards and Stock mouthguards. Don’t worry, you may talk to our dentist for choosing what kind of mouthguard that you need.

A special mouthguard that will fit your mouth with comfortable and protect your teeth and gums adequately. Not only for preventing damage to the jaw but also a custom-made mouthguard protect the neck and even the brain. The heavy blow will be prevented by this sports mouthguard that can cause concussion and damage. Providing the most comfortable fit and best protection, we will help all the patient to get a best and comfortable mouthguard. Our dentist will make an impression of your teeth and then constructs the mouth guard over a model of them.

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