Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays Melbourne Family Dentist

We provide all of the imaging requirements needed for such treatments as caries detection, diagnosis of TMJ issues, OPG images, and images of the patient’s entire detention in a dental x-ray. There are some benefits of digital X-rays in dentistry such as helping the dentists to diagnose common problems like cavities, gum disease and other types of infections.

Dental X-rays are needed to help diagnose problems where is not visible to the naked eye. The dental x-ray in our treatment is safer and more beneficial as the emergence of digital technology in the past decade. Almost similar to traditional dental X-rays, we will use a film. Our dentist will put a sensor into your mouth that will capture the image of your teeth. The computer is connected with the digital sensor which projects the picture after the X-ray is taken.

We do understand that radiation exposure is not good for your health. With our digital X-rays technology, the radiation exposure will be reduced to patients by as much as 90% over traditional x-rays. And also other advantages include the less waiting time for developing the picture and higher quality images which can be improved fastly to show detail. Also, the difference between conventional X-ray is the standard size can view easier than the conventional. Using the computer, we may magnify to get a better visual of the structure of tooth and enlarged the picture. Our dentist will see small cavities easily by adjusting the colour, brightness, and colour. If the patient wants a hard copy of their X-ray, we may print the image for them. Let’s get healthier dental treatment at Melbourne Family Dentist.

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