Soft Tissue Procedures

Soft Tissue Procedures Melbourne Family Dentist

Soft Tissue Procedures for Reestablishing Periodontal which involve a non-surgical plan of action created for patients who has suffered from gingivitis or periodontitis. Also, we offer you dental soft tissue surgery treatment such as, tooth extraction, apicoectomy, frenectomy, Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADS), dental hemisection and root Amputation. Several visits are needed when you choose this soft-tissue management including frequent checkups. During routine checkups and general services, our staff will check for signs and symptoms of gingivitis and periodontitis in our patients. We will do some preventative care before any issues can become irreversible. It is really important to make an appointment before that bad news happens. Before the treatment included the surgery you may make a consultation with our dentist. We will make sure to give the best treatment which can make you feel comfortable during the process.

Soft tissue management refers to a variety of dental services designed to help you improve and maintain optimal periodontal health. If your gums become infected we will help you to find relief and improve the health of your smile with our useful treatments. Also called periodontal disease, a gum disease, is a degenerative condition primarily that caused by bacteria which found in plaque. The gum tissue will be infected and inflamed by the bacteria. If you have no attention with this condition, it will eventually cause the gums to pull away from the teeth. Before your periodontal disease develops we highly recommend you to visit us and fix that problem. We will serve you with all best treatment that our staff can do.

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