Dental Anxiety

One of the most common causes of anxiety is the overwhelming fear of dental appointments. Feeling afraid of seeing a dentist is normal, but there is always the way to manage it. If you are afraid to visit the dentist, it may result in delaying or avoiding dental treatment. In fact, dental treatment is really necessary for your overall health so you can not ignore the dental treatment. Sometimes many people imagine the dentist with a drill-wielding just waiting to cause pain and remove teeth. In fact, the reality is the opposite. The primary focus of our Family dentist is a comfortable, relaxed and happy patient. All of the staff and dentist will try everything to make sure the patient feels no pain and anxiety.

Dental anxiety is a recognised problem for both patients and dental health providers. Dental anxiety refers to patients’ specific response to dental situation-associated stress. Generally, certain triggers such as needles, drills or the dental setting is can be associated with dental anxiety. The presence of high levels of dental anxiety amongst dental care seekers yielded patients with negative attitudes towards dental treatment and rendered dental treatment more difficult to accomplish successfully. If dental anxiety becomes severe and results in irrational fear and hardly avoid going to the dentist, it can be classified as dental phobia. A comfortable environment in dental treatment is really needed. That is why in our treatment we will help all the patient to reduce dental anxiety. All of the staff and dentist will keep the patient comfortable and relaxed during the treatment.

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