Smile Design

A stunning smile that your confidence is now achievable with our treatment called a smile design. Smile Design, a state-of-the-art approach to helping patients visualise a customised cosmetic dental mock-up before treatment begins. You can see first hand the cosmetic and reconstructive dental treatment, especially important for our patients that value the most up to date, cutting-edge techniques and materials for treatment that requires a considerable investment in their time and finances. As we know those best teeth that will create the best smile ever. For owning the best smile is not only about brushing your teeth, but also now you can design them. Getting your best stunning smile is easy here.

If you have been dreaming about the types smile that you want, now it is not only just a dream. Melbourne Dentist Family will offer you a smile design treatment for the results you need. We are happy to announce that choosing this treatment will let you choose the type of service that you want. The type of the service includes spacing of tooth, tooth colour, alignment, the length of your tooth, gummy smile, tooth white and cracked teeth. In our hand, we will design your smile as good as your appearance. Before we start the treatment our doctor will take the information about your current smiles such as your shape, tooth length, and colour of a tooth. Usually, five to six weeks are needed for this treatment, but we will try to make the meeting effectively. Our dentist and staff will strive to make sure that all patient are completely enjoyable during the process of smile designing.

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